Flower care for all deliveries

We ship our scented farm-grown roses and flowers directly to your door so most arrive in semi-bud form. This helps prevent damage during travel and gives you more time with your flowers. Please follow care steps and allow 1-2 days for your flowers to fully open.

Our roses may, as nature intended, start to shed their petals after about 5 days. There are however a number of things you can do to extend the life of your flowers.

  1. Place your flowers into fresh water with the flower food sachet provided (unless in oasis or a wreath)
  2. Always display your flowers in a cool room, away from bright sunlight or direct heat
  3. For maximum vase life change the water every other day (unless in oasis or a wreath) as bacteria in the water will shorten the vase life

Our roses are guaranteed to last for 5 days if the care instructions are followed.

There are some additional care instructions for specific types of arrangements:

Hand-tied bouquets

  1. Remove flowers from their protective film and fresh bag and pour away the water
  2. Carefully remove any damaged petals from the outside of the roses
  3. Rinse the stems in clean water
  4. Cut 2.5cm from the end of the stems at a 45 degree angle

Basket, Hat box or Trio Arrangements

  1. Check that your arrangement base is not dry on arrival – if necessary, carefully pour a little water into the centre
  2. The arrangement should remain in the Basket and be watered regularly to ensure the foam base does not dry out
  3. Do not place the Basket directly onto a polished surface

Flower tube & Posy

  1. Fill your flower tube halfway with water and add the flower food provided. It is best to do this where you wish to display the flowers so that you don’t have to move the tube filled with water.
  2. Remove the posy from its protective packaging and fresh bag
  3. Cut the flowers to their desired length so that you can display them in the 6 holes in the tube

 Funeral arrangements

  1. Please open the box and let us know immediately if there are any problems on arrival (01730 818 300)
  2. If the flowers are in the form of bouquet or sheaf, then please check the water reservoir when they arrive with you and top up if necessary to ensure that the flowers have enough water to allow them to last/develop more before the funeral.
  3. If the flowers are in florist’s foam/oasis then please carefully pour some water onto the foam.
  4. On the day of the funeral please remove all packaging and all cellophane about 1 hour or so before the funeral

 Wedding flowers

Bouquets and posies

  1. Bouquets will arrive in a water bubble but you need to remove them from this and pour the water away.
  2. Place the bouquet in a vase, pot or bucket. Add the flower food sachet to the water as instructed on the back of the sachet.
  3. Keep cool unless you would like the roses to open up more.
  4. Half an hour before you leave for the ceremony remove the bouquet from the water and remove excess water from the stems with a towel. The bouquet is finished with organza ribbon that will dry out quickly once the bouquet is removed from the water.

Petals, buttonholes and corsages

Please keep cool, in the fridge or cool room until required

Table arrangements supplied with vases or pots

  1. The bouquet will arrive in a bubble of water, take care to remove the packaging and pour the water away.
  2. The vase or pot will arrive wrapped in tissue. Unwrap and add water with flower food as instructed on the sachet.
  3. Keep cool until required. Keep an eye on the water level and top up if necessary.
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